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NEWS Concert - Cherish

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Because Grumpy is too lazy sub a new song! So it's Cherish again, the concert version.

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Grumpy's Highlight of Ep 01

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too adorkable!

Icons 01

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wimpy? definitely far from his "i have great character" days. are these how icons are supposed to look like? not really sure but what the hey. take them if u like.

Wallpaper 02

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just watched the first ep of hachikuro... it's so dreamy-like~
here's the first hachikuro wallpaper! 1024 x 768.

Wallpaper 01

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Grumpy got confused (n annoyed) with her desktop wallpaper measurements and decided to settle with this one.

NEWS - Snow Express

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NEWS - Cherish

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Geek is currently translating 'Snow Express', Grumpy's favourite NEWS song. The substandard romaji subbed version can be found here. Grumpy is almost ashamed that she posted that terrible-looking video up, and has since been ganbatte-ing by making karaoke subs for it. The new & improved version of Snow Express will be up soon. In the meantime, enjoy Cherish!

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